FSE_Final_Logo.pdfThe executive board of Primavera Blanca agreed to present a proposal, to organize the “Summer Network Meeting 2016”. The “Summer Network Meeting 2016” is a meeting promoted by FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS EUROPE, an European fans organization based on the following principles:

  • Zero tolerance regarding to any kind of discrimination committed to any person or collective due to race, capacities, religion, ideology, gender, sexual orientation or age reasons.
  • Total repulsion of verbal and physical violence.
  • Defense of empowerment of football fans.
  • Promotion of a positive football fans culture, including positive values such as fair play and good governance.


A committee of some Primavera Blanca members worked, as enthusiastically as always, in the designing and budgeting of the project with the desire to make feasible this meeting that would host 300 fans from all Europe in Madrid. We would like to highlight the magnificient help of Real Madrid, C.F, that understood that the idea of peaceful, open and tolerant animation is a topic that the club is promoting and leading in Spain. Real Madrid C.F. showed from the very beginning their willingness to help the project with their own facilities. – same way it happened in previous events, for example, with Arsenal at London and Ajax at Amstersdam,


“Madrid Summer Network Meeting 2016” program was presented to FSE Committee on November, 30th 2015. You can check it here. Meeting’s budget reached 23.900 euros. 15.000 euros would be origined by the FSE funds that the organization gives to the winning candidature. The remaining 8.900 euros would be provided by Primavera Blanca. (You can check the data on SNM 2016 FSE’ Budget)


Our original initiative had the competition of another seven fan groups from Europe. On December 2015, FSE Committee chose our proposal as one of the two finalist candidatures. On January 15th and 16th, two members of FSE Committee visited as in Madrid to check the conditions of the project and the feasibility of it. We feel really grateful for their visit. In this tour, we shared a very interesting exchange of opinions and experiences,. We also showed to these member of the FSE Committee the favorable willingness of Real Madrid, that exhibited their collaboration preseting us the places where the meeting could take place in Valdebebas, Real Madrid Sports Centre.


We would have loved to present to the members of Primavera Blanca an attractive call to this cultural and leisure meeting this summer in Madrid. Certainly, the realization of this event in Madrud would ease the participation of fans from all over Spain, a country that needs to work on the spreading of a culture of non-violent animation, Human Rights’ respect on football and integration. Unfortunately, it will not be possible. On January, 28th 2016, after a meticulous decision process, FSE Committee awarded the organization of the meeting to the candidature presented by TARAFTAR HAKLARI DERNEGUI, that will organize it on IZMIR (Esmirna) Turkey, (July 14th-17th 2016).


We thank FSE for their interest that showed in our candidature and the cordiality of their communication, and we wish both TARAFTAR HAKLARI DERNEGUI and FSE all the best for the “Summer Network Meeting 2016”. Primavera Blanca happily receives the invitation to participate on a workshop, presenting a talk about integration in football stands, and will consider it with big interest, as our association totally respect and feels identified with FOOTBALL SUPPORTES EUROPE principles.