The function of the peñas

The peñas present the club a list of applicants to participate in the Grada with the commitment that the principal motivation of his or her desire to integrate in the Grada is to support Real Madrid, respecting the supporting rules.

  • Once they have been admitted, the peñas have the obligation to name a person to coordinate the group of that peña in the Comité de Grada (Grada Committee). It will be the responsible to share to all the members of the peña the indications of the Comité de Grada so they fulfill their supporting duties.
  • The peñas also add resources for the supporting material, fabrication of tifos, trips to away games, etc…
  • Once one of us is part of the Grada, the important thing is that one is a FAN. That is more important that being part of one peña or another. We all participate in the proud of being the best animation stand in Spain. In the Grada we are FANS of Real Madrid, and nothing else. It makes no sense to sing specific songs about a single peña.

The Comité de Grada

  • Composition

The Comité de Grada is formed by representatives of the peñas of the Grada designed by the club, due to his or her experience directing the grada with representatives of the club.

  • Functions

All the planning of the activities of the grada

Setting the rules of functioning and the decisions about:

Organization of the Grada

Supporting and choreographies


Travels to away games

Solving the conflicts of the Grada

  • Activity
    • Weekly meetings
    • Specific meetings

Coordinators of the sector

El comité de Grada will name coordinators of the sectors of the Grada. They are the maximum responsibles of the sector every game to organize the execution of the activities foreseen by the Grada, coordinate the animation and solve, due to the rules of functioning of the Grada, any conflict that could happen. Him or her has a direct relationship with the security of the Club.

In order to do better his or her job, the coordinator collaborates with other partners members of his or her peña.


  • He is the partner that directs the animation before, during and after the game.
  • It’s located in the lower zone of the Grada and always sings with the back turned to the field and facing the Grada
  • They are a few and sing in turns during the game


  • They coordinate with the speakers to conduct the rhythm and the clapping
  • It’s in the center of the grada
  • The rest of the drums follow the instructions and rhythms of the main drum


  • When a FAN with a regular season ticket can not attend a game has the duty to communicate it to the Grada at least 48 hours before the game, so his place in the stadium is available to other madridista. Not attending the game without a justified cause is a serious infraction that could cause the lost of the regular season ticket.
  • The ones who enter to the Grada using the single-game ticket are also FANS and have the same commitment as any other during the games. Every peña sends to the Club before the start of the season the people they want to be part of the single-games ticket mode. During the season there may be chances to join the mode. This is called the transfer seat system of the grada.
  • The tickets can only be requested by the people in the single-game ticket mode. They should do it 48 hours before the game at minimum. There are three prices regarding the importance of the game.
  • Before every game, the peñas send to the club the list of the people that transfer the seats in the sector that they coordinate and also the members of their group or peña that are candidates to be in the seats of the Grada transferred in each match. The club notices about the tickets 24 hours before the start of the game in order for the requestors to know if they got their tickets.
  • Not retiring from the box offices the ticket that was requested without a proper justification is a grave infraction and disrespect to the rest of the members of the Grada and carries a sanction of the expulsion of the single-matches ticket mode.
  • The single-match tickets are very important for the Grada because the club administrates the money that collects this way in order to create a fund that is used to help to reduce the cost of the travels to away games so more FANS could attend them.

 Territorial sections

  • The Grada have sections in different parts of Spain and Europe.
  • The sections are formed by local peñas that want to support the team following the patterns of the Grada in the Bernabeu.
  • The goal is that our players never miss the support of the FANS.



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