Pre-games (previas)

In order to be with friends in the Grada the previas are the best resource. You will meet in them FANS of all the peñas and you will feel integrated in the Grada in a more relaxed atmosphere than during the game.

The partners of the Grada usually gathers in the bars at the north of the stadium and the small park that is there. It’s great to meet there other friends of the Grada when they arrive there, comment the games, exchange ideas, warm the atmosphere and make new friends.


In the Grada, like in every crowded atmosphere, sometimes non confortable or tense situation happens. We have to relax and know that all of us are partners and none of us win anything trying to show anything to anyone.

Sometimes the tense situations are produced due to compliances to partners that does not seem to be supporting enough, because a flag is moving too much…Those are solutions that can be solved without losing the respect and destroy a great experience with our partners.

Every time any conflict rises up it’s better to talk with the coordinators of the sector to help to end it, without the need of the intervention of the private security or the police with the negatives consequences they carry.

And of course, remember always that respecting the rules of the Grada, the principles and how to support is the best way to avoid conflicts.


One of the activities of the Grada that makes most proud a FAN is participating in the execution, installation and execution of a tifo in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. More people participating means a better tifo at the end.

Tifos are also decided in the Comité de Grada. Several proposals are made by the different fan groups for the most important matches of the season. In special moments, tifos or mosaics that involve other sections of the South Stand or the full stadium are also proposed.

Once a proposal is chosen the execution is planned. That execution could last weeks and is realized using several volunteer job turns, formed by the members of the different fan groups that are part of the Grada FANS.

The materials that are bought to create the tifo are financed by the funds of each fan group and with funds obtained by the money obtained of the transfer seat system (with the account being managed by the Club).

You can contact your peña in order to participate in the design or execution of the tifo, in an atmosphere of fellowship, commitment with the Grada and total complicity in keeping the secret among the participants in order to avoid the leak of the information about what the tifo will be about.

Trips to away games

One of the most exciting things of the Grada is to to away games. Making our team not alone in an hostile environment and make them recognize our voices of support, the proud we feel while we dress in our white kit and wave our flags and banners in Real Madrid colors, to give them courage even if they are losing their breath.

You can join the trips using your peña. The prices are cheapest available, because in order to help to the contribution of relentlessly animation of the FANS they do not only organize them without a benefit margin but they invest the money gathered thanks to the single-matches ticket mode.

The trips to support the team in away matches are decided by the Comité de Grada. They are financed by the funds of every group or peña, the funds of the bank account of the Grada managed by the Club and the funds that each Fan that travels has to pay.

Trips are a great weekends where you live together with your partners. It’s party, happiness and fellowship. It’s a pity we can not do every weekend a trip.

Once gathered at least three proposals for the trip, the Comité de Grada presents them to the club, with the budget of each trip programmed. In every proposal is detailed the number of members that will participate, the proposal of funding the costs and the amount of money that each Fan who travels should pay. Once the Club approves the budget, the means of transportation are contracted and justified to the club, like every other spending that the trip incurs, to be financed with the funds stated previously.

Since the beginning of this season, we are working on the creation of sections of FANS RMCF in different places of Spain, Europe and around the world, to add their enthusiasm to our members when we travel to support the team and in order to help those sections to join us in the Grada FANS when they travel to Madrid to visit Santiago Bernabéu. So far, we have the satisfactory experience of FANS RMCF Alemania-Austria. 


Communication in social media

Between every game, we not only prepare the activities of the Grada but are also connected using social media.

We have website of the Grada made by FANS. We tell in that website what we do and are going to do, not only to all the FANS but to all madridistas. You could read there the chronicles of our activities, videos and pics.

The Twitter of the Grada is always active to spread any news the fans should know, since the chance of wishing happy birthday to our player, to the announcement of events to receive the team before a great game, the publish of new content of the website or the announcement of a trip to an away game.

You can also we updated with the Grada and access to the top content in our Facebook Instagram and Youtube

Following our communication channels and those of Primavera Blanca, in  Twitter and Facebook-you will be always informed about what is happening and will happen in the Grada, and spreading the contents of the Twitter and website between your friends and followers in social media you will help to make our voice to be heard in more places and new friends will join us to make bigger Grada FANS RMCF.