Dressing in white

It’s a pride to be dressed in white, as our team, every game. The Grada makes a difference, in the Santiago Bernabeu and outside, as a great white flag formed by the best supporters of Real Madrid: the FANS. That is why is compulsory to dress in white in order to enter in the Grada.

Following the speaker.

In order to make the Grada an only voice, a powerful voice in the field and the rest of the stadium, only the Speaker starts the songs and ALL of us give ALL the power of our voice to sing it with our partners.

If we don’t see right the supporting in a determined moment we have channels in order to send our opinion. But nobody starts a song not previously started by the speaker. That would decompose the Grada. If different songs would start at the same time, they would cover each other.

In the top matches we sing fewer song in order to focus in the voices that all the Stadium knows, so it’s even more important to respect the speaker and respect the silences in order to support the rest of the stadium.

Creating choreographies.

Clapping, using scarves, flags, movement in the grada, jumping, embracing each other, “descontrolados” (uncontrolled)…We clap in order to be listened outside the stadium, at the same time, powerful, so people outside will know that FANS are supporting the team.

We need to lear how to move all the material so the Grada leaves a mark and we are proud of it.

We like to contribute that every material that is used in the Grada works, helping our partners to extend it and collect it after the game.

Using the Supporting Material 

The supporting material is a key element of the Grada. We, all of us, make it, like the tifos. There are partners in the Grada that design it, that keeps it, care it, wash and repair it so we all can use it. It gives color, identity and meaning to our Grada.

So we take care of it.

When our friends share the supporting material:

1.- It should be used when the speaker demands it, and should be retired when it is ordered.

2.- We collect it after the end of the game between all of us so it could be in the best conditions in order to be used the next time. It’s a disrespect to all the partners that have prepared it and have the task of keeping it in good conditions to not use it, mistreat it, break it or steal it. It’s an unforgivable fault that shows that the author does not want to be with us so he won’t be with us anymore.

You can participate in the creation of the material considering the rules of your peña, proposing the creation of banners with the Real Madrid colors: white and purple.

Singing since the warm-up…

The warm-up is the best moment to cheer the players, support the new ones and the substitutions and try new songs.

…until the team says sees out 

We support during all the game and because we are specials we support until the players see out us. Specially when the team loses and when things go wrong you will disrespect the FANs if you leave just the second the game is finished.

We support Real Madrid in every field in Spain and Europe

We have the goal that our team will have always the support of the FANS. That is why we do travels to some away games, some with hundred of fans, and have delegations of FANS RMCF all across Spain and the world.