At the end, the Grada will be what the FANS want it to be. We have means. There are partners that dedicate a huge amount of time and effort to the mission of the correct working of the Grada, that the Grada can be really big, without receiving any other retribution for the effort as a regular FAN: that madridistas, team and fans, recognizes the Grada and will be proud of it.

What we need in order to make our home better, all will be happy there and more proud of belonging there are good ideas, active participation and commitment to do new initiatives.

How big is an animation stand is not measure by the number of their members, but of the capacity of fulfilling the mission that the players that they support will never fell abandoned by their fans. We need will, implication and the participation of all of us.

If we are bigger, we will grow in number in the next years to multiply our voice in the stadium.

This is our goal, and if after everything you have read you are ready to be a FAN, it will be yours. If you do not share our goal, if you are not ready to contribute with your dedication and commitment it’s better your seat empty. Occupying a place in the Grada FANS should make you proud, not being a burden. And there are a lot of madridistas that are wishing to have the chance of proving it.

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